Serenade Duo

Joe Adrignola, a New Jersey native, spent his early years in intensive musical study on the saxophone with his father, Gabriel Adrignola. In his early years, his father taught him the fundamentals of reading music and expressing himself through his instrument. The music in his veins was that of Stan Getz, Paul Desmond and Charlie Parker. He received many awards including a scholarship to Berkeley School of Music. In his teens, Joe stepped out from behind the saxophone and up to the mic. This leap of faith proved to be a successful one. In the thick of the metal craze, and into the 90’s Joe’s vocals could be heard tearing up and soaring above New York City with the band Balistik Kick. Balistik Kick could be found opening up for bands such as WASP, Overkill and Savatage. After the release of their third CD on Brennus Records, Balistik Kick called it quits. Joe then took a turn back to his roots as he reached for the soulful sounds of the saxophone. Playing and singing live and in the studio; Joe has been working more recently with local rock bands, jazz bands and intimate sessions with piano players and guitar players in restaurants lounges and private parties. Through the years, Joe continues to grow and move with the currents of the music business.

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