Runaway originates from Old Bridge, NJ and has been in the New Jersey Circuit for about 4 years with shows that include venues in Atlantic City Casino's such as TRUMP MARINA, TRUMP PLAZA, BORGATA, HARRAHS, and HILTON. RUNAWAY has been labeled as the top BON JOVI TRIBUTE in all of ATLANTIC CITY.(This being said from Scott Cronick, writer for the Atlantic City Press). You can also see RUNAWAY playing at your favorite clubs in the Tri-State area.

Runaway is a five piece band who admire Bon Jovi for their creativity, knowledge, longevity, soul, passion and love for the music they write. Runaway gives the upper most RESPECT to Bon Jovi and believes that they are the Best Band in the World and can write songs to suit every gender around the world.

Look, lets face it, Over 100 million people can't be wrong.

We don't try to look like them, which we DO NOT, but we do try very hard to sound like them just the way you would hear them at a live concert. We take their songs very serious and would do nothing wrong to portray Bon Jovi in a bad sense. The members of the band have made this journey a brotherhood and are 100% behind each other. All top notched musicians, not one of us is egotistic, dramatic, nor we do think we are Bon Jovi. Just simply playing their music as a recognition being the Best In The World. Bon Jovi that is. There music is very inspiring and we are honored to be playing the future ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAMERS music.

A special Thank You to all the fans who show up time after time to see RUNAWAY and simply come to have a great time in the 3 hours of the night.

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